Hi, I’m Diane Gould, LCSW

I specialize in PDA and other complex neurodivergent profiles.

Consultation and Training for Educators, Therapists and other Professionals.

In my years working in agencies and schools, I have sat through many in-service trainings and workshops on various topics. The ones that I benefitted from were practical and engaging. The speaker understood the work environment and population. I offer trainings in all kinds of setting with this in mind. I aim to offer different ways of viewing challenges while giving advice that works in the real world.


In my consultations with educators, therapists, and other professionals, I first listen before I speak. I make sure that I have a true understanding of the individual they are struggling to serve before giving guidance. I work with teams as a partner. I believe that it is helpful to have an outside perspective and want to empower them to be successful in their work. Our field can be tough, and everyone benefits from support.

Training and consultations is available on Behavioral Support, The Low Arousal Approach, Social/Relationship Skills and PDA.