Blending the art of psychotherapy
with the science of behavior analysis


Ms. Gould has almost 30 years of experience providing therapeutic services to children and adults. She is able to provide a clinical approach to problem behaviors while using the research supported techniques of applied behavior analysis. She understands that it is not about data and graphs, it is about real life. Challenging behaviors impact quality of life at home, school and in the community. She knows from experience that many well written behavior plans sit in drawers and file cabinets because they are not realistic to implement at home or school. Ms. Gould partners with parents, teachers and caregivers to come up with “user friendly” solutions to behavior problems by teaching children adaptive skills.

Ms. Gould understands the challenges facing families of children who are struggling. As an experienced parent herself, she knows that a parent’s sense of wellbeing is based on how one’s children are faring physically, academically, emotionally and socially. A parent is really only as happy as their least happy child.

Ms. Gould understands that parenting a child with special needs can be very difficult. Parents may need support through the grieving process. Parents may also need additional support at different periods during their child’s life. Couples may need counseling to strengthen their relationship in order to become better parents. Siblings and grandparents may need support as well. Ms Gould helps parents build on their own strengths and find the inner resources to be the best parent they can be. She does not view needing professional support to be a sign of pathology or inadequacy. Ms. Gould’s services strive to strengthen families and make improvements in daily life.

Regardless of whether the service is social skills training, behavioral analysis or supportive therapy, Ms. Gould believes that every client deserves the utmost respect and the highest quality services.